Who We Are

Manavmitra society was founded in 2004 initially society involved only in nurses training. Gradually society started different colleges and training centers.

Apart from education the main purpose of our society is to provide a healthy environment. Currently organization provide education with moral values. On regular basis our organization conducts various survey in different rural areas among poor and worker families to spread awareness about children future life. We provide free education and skill development training like computer education,sewing,health worker etc. to needy people. In that way poor families youth come to our organization for the better treatment of their life

Our Mission

To create a better world for children and young adults of poor families. Providing education and vocational skills training which allows these children and young adults to actualize their capacities. Creating and disseminating innovative frameworks and models which address unique difficulties. Providing healthy environment to all people.

Our vision

Our vision is education for all. The same access to opportunities and services such as education, healthcare and employment. The opportunity to use and develop his or her inherent talent to their fullest potential. The opportunity for respect for their capacities and be valued for their efforts. enabling them to be viewed as equal members of society.

Our Objective

 Education is a gift for life. We help youth.to reach training centre and develop their skill.

  We help children unlock their potential and realize their dreams. We believe that every child is extraordinary and can scale great heights if provided with the right learning opportunities.

  With regular and generous contributions from our supporters, we are able to march steadily towards achieving these goals.

  We help youth with limited means hone their creativity and skills under the guidance of trained teachers and make persistent efforts to enable them to secure a life of dignity for themselves, their families and the community at large.